Living the Married Life

As you know, our plans changed very quickly. Instead of a $10,000 wedding in Conroe, we had a civil service in Corpus Christi, TX. Everything changed during Spring Break when Dianna was offered a teaching position in Hawaii. Aloha Texas, Aloha Hawaii!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting Closer

So...I suck at blogging.  It has been forever since my last post.  Although, not much has really changed since then.

We are planning to visit some wedding sites this weekend.  Our plan is to pick a place in the Conroe, TX area.  My parents aren't aging well and have trouble just getting to Houston, so getting married in Conroe will assure their attendence.  We are looking at Heathers's Glen, The Vineyards of Wavery Manor, Burkeshire Plantation, Chantilly Country, and The Woodlands Resort.  Each place is an all-inclusive setting so the ceremony and the reception will be at the same location...and most of the planning will be done for me.  WHEW!!!!

As far as a date...we are looking at the weekend before Thanksgiving.  This will allow me to have the time off guilt free.  :)  Saturday, Nov 19th would be the optimal day, but it will be the more expensive option.  We are leaning more towards the evening of Friday the 18th because Sunday might be tough for those that would have to be at work on Monday.  I just worry about our out of town friends...Friday evening might be hard to manage because of travel time, but Sunday evening will give them trouble getting back home.  :(  Curse those wedding venues for jacking their prices on Saturdays.

Furthermore, we are still looking forward to having anyone and everyone come with us on our honeymoon.  I have been in search of an all-inclusive dive vacation to Cozumel.  We will be talking to the travel agent for our dive shop here in Corpus.  In the mean time I found a site called Dive Vacations to try to get an idea of what to expect. It would be helpful to know who is interested so that we can ask about group rates.

So...that's all I've got for now.  Hopefully it won't be another 3 months before I make another post.  Maybe things will be more concrete after our visit to the venues this weekend.

Later gators!